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Will it blend? Let’s find out!

I went to the lab today and blended lots of herbs. Well, only 5, but took almost 3 hours just to blend them into powder. Well, there’s only 6 more types to go.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Dog Days’ 4
  • Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 5
  • Arcana Famiglia 5

Starting with everyone’s favourite animal-eared anime!
This week was narrated by Yukikaze the fox-girl. It was like a diary-entry regarding their summer training before the next war. It occasionally goes off to the other countries to see what’s going on with Rebecca and Nanami. That’s good too!
Cool and badass in my Dog Days? closeenough.jpg

Next: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita!
Another episode of strange happenings, another episode of cute fairies, another episode of I-don’t-know-what-I’m-watching.
So am I, but when I’m up against an anime like that, I really doubt myself. The pink haired girl and the assistant are recruited into a city ruins expedition. Since humanity has declined, the cities are no longer dwelt in and strange jelly-blob like creatures have made it their home. And they don’t come in peace.

Lastly (and possibly dreadfully), Arcana Famiglia.
Well, at least they’re trying to move plot every episode now, no matter how small the bit of movement is, at least it moved. They say slow and steady wins the race, and the hare shouldn’t be overconfident, but I think in anime, the right pacing and the right direction in which they’re moving is key.
While we have a very vague and seemingly neutral character foreshadowing some shady business, the way it carries on may not be up to expectation. Foreshadowing is a rather risky technique. I refer you to ‘Senki Zesshou Symphogear‘. <Note> There will be spoilers and if you do not want to know what happens, please READ ON. It’s better that you get spoiled now than when you watch and get disappointed. The foreshadow in episode 1 was that the heroine in the story has died. At the end of episode 12 it seemed that way, but at episode 13 (the final episode), the re-appears unharmed, alive and kicking. I was never this disappointed in my ENTIRE life. Not only that the foreshadowing was COMPLETELY FUCKING IGNORED, the main character’s I-WANT-TO-SAVE-EVERYONE attitude was also incredibly annoying. If she could, I wouldn’t be whining about it, but she couldn’t, and instead of giving up (which is bad) or training herself (which is boring), she kept whining and had stupid long speeches about her inability (which is incredibly horrible and a pain to listen/watch). Whoops, it seems as if I’ve gone off topic. Anyway, I hope Arcana Famiglia won’t make the same mistake as that failure of an anime.


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