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I shall now dedicate this entire post to Choucho and her new album, flyleaf.

Artist : ChouCho
Title (Album) : flyleaf
Release Date : 8 August 2012


1. flyleaf
2. Authentic symphony
3. telescope
4. 青空の鼓動 (Aozora no Kodou)
5. Million of Bravery
6. 木漏れ日色の記憶 (Komorebi-iro no Kioku)
7. 7th HEAVEN
8. 虹の朝に (Niji no Asa ni)
9. Sleeping Butterfly
10. ハルモニア (Harmonia)
11. looping star
12. 優しさの理由 (Yasashisa no Riyuu)
13. スワロテイル・バタフライエッジ (Swallowtail Butterfly Edge)
14. カワルミライ (Kawaru Mirai)

All information acquired here:

Back when I first started watching anime, I didn’t usually download single albums and so I don’t actually know how many of the songs listed above are new songs. All I know is that it’s pretty rare for me to like so many tracks from a single album. I don’t usually blog about albums unless they really impress me. Out of the 14 tracks in this album, I have 11 of the songs, either previously acquired or from this album itself.

Many will know that I like ClariS because of their really good vocals despite being 15 year olds, but Choucho was literally a ‘youtube’ star of sorts. She used to post her covers of popular songs on niconicodouga (ニコニコ動画), and she got scouted for her first ever OP performance on Kamisama no Memochou. The OP, Kawaru Mirai was very well received, even one of it’s IN song, Sleeping Butterfly, was also performed by her. The series in general did pretty well, not too much hate, but not too much praises either. However that was a big step for Choucho, who was then offered more OP/ED performances. Authentic Symphony for Mashiro-iro Symphony, Yasashisa no Riyuu for Hyouka.

Her smooth-sounding vocals and ability to reach high notes without much change in her voice really impresses me. Whoever is composing her songs is also doing a damn awesome job at it. The songs really fit her voice and there is quite a variation so that it doesn’t seem as if she only sings a certain type of sound. Ranging from dancy-high bpm tracks to calming, soothing tracks, Choucho really brings out the various moods really well.

I look forward to listening to more of her songs, anime-related or not. I simply love her voice.


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