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Spare time

It’s a public holiday today, but I don’t think it really matters to me. I’ve been staying home for the past week because our materials for the experiment haven’t arrived, but now we need to see the former group’s results so we know how to proceed. It’s just a really long waiting game.

Episode 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hyouka 18
  • Accel World 19
  • To Love-ru Darkness OVA

Started with Hyouka and watched it without really knowing what’s happening.
This episode is a mystery in itself, Houtarou suddenly becomes curious. YES, HOUTAROU, THE ONE THAT DOESN’T REALLY DO AYNTHING UNLESS EGGED ON.
Dat expression on Satoshi’s face. It’s priceless! We see lots of Chitanda-Houtarou interaction this episode. Hoping that they’ll just become a couple already, but probably not.

Next: Accel World
Continuing the trouble in Okinawa, someone appears to have dived into the Okinawa area without physically being in Okinawa, thus other Linkers would be unable to detect him via Burst Link.
Now, I know this show has mecha elements, but that sudden appearance of a Transformer-Power Ranger-assembly-style seriously caught me off guard. Unlike Scarlet Rain, this one is made entirely from random scrap metal all over the place. Suddenly I don’t feel like watching the next episode anymore as the return back to Haru’s situation.

Next: To Love-ru Darkness OVA
Just the first few chapters from the Manga of the same name. Overall, I’m very excited. And I mean what I imply. The manga has been known to push fanservice to the limits, and there is about 2 scenes in this OVA that are super-awesome. They animated the Mikan-route arc!
Momo’s VA, who is Aki Toyosaki does an awesome job at voicing Momo and her really sly, tricky personality. Even the words she say carry the emotions and effect really well. Meanwhile, Mikan’s VA, Kana Hanazawa gets a role different from her usual moe-moe, doesn’t-talk-much characters. She actually plays a tsundere pretty well I must say!


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