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Visual Novels, o, and anime as well

I don’t always play visual novels, I’d rather be playing DotA or it’s variants, but I’m getting bored of the game lately. So I decided to install Katawa Shoujo, something which I’ve been delaying ever since the hype about it was there.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Dog Days’ 6
  • Joshiraku 6
  • Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 8
  • Shinryaku! Ika Musume OVA

Starting off with Dog Days!
I think I have found the number one reason why I like Dog Days even though it is apparently like any other shounen-action types, without people dying when they’re killed.
He’s the demon king! Oh no what should we d- *FALCON PAWNCH!* Yea. Cinque is too cool to listen to melodramatic speeches of bad guys. He apparently doesn’t preach to the bad guy before walloping his face either, unlike a certain guy with an unlucky right hand. Aside from his denseness, Cinque is actually a pretty cool guy. It’s actually the first time I ever seen a main character whack the bad guy before he actually finishes his speech. First time. Ever. Dog Days banzai!

Next: Joshiraku
I can’t say I like the group that I’m getting this subs from, but they do a pretty good job of incorporating internet culture into the subs. Heck, they even fit the context and is what they’re saying. However, I’m hesitant to trust this group again because of what happened during the subbing of Hidan no Aria.
The get most of the references right though, and the puns in Joshiraku are captured well, even though sometimes it’s quite hard to capture language-jokes when translating.

Next: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita!
Why do I feel like I’m watching the endless eight all over again? Except this time, I’m even more confused than when I watched the endless eight. There’s this strange thing with time-space continuum that I really can’t place my mind on, it’s just too confusing.
I’m an animal person, and that dog with purple eyes looks really cute. Even if it’s motionless and doesn’t talk.

Lastly: Ika Musume OVA!
Another 3 short clips like any typical Ika Musume episode. ED was great! It sounds like Kanae Itou sang it, but the album says Kanae Megumi sang it. I’ll just go with the official title for this one then It appears that whoever uploaded the album has made a mistake, but that’s fine. I’m now proud that I can recognize Kanae Itou’s voice! Ika cute as ever!


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