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Katawa Shoujo

Derp~ I forgot about the post for yesterday, so here’s the Section 2 continuation.

Section 2: Katawa Shoujo (VN)

Katawa Shoujo literally means “disabled/broken girl”. It’s a VN about our main character, you (Hisao) and your adaptation to a new school environment, specially catered to students who need constant medical care. You are enrolled in the school after your crush confesses to you under a tree and you get a heart attack. You are diagnosed with Arrhythmia and your parents decide to give you a chance to study as a normal student by sending you to a school specially catered to students with healthcare requirements. How ironic. Nevertheless, you don’t have a choice to refuse so you accept the inevitable and try to fit into the new school environment. You meet various girls and you play to get into a relationship with the girls in question.

My first play, completely guide-free and based upon my personality of answering questions landed me in Emi’s route, the good end no less. After that I went for the Hanako/Lilly route, proceeding with Lilly first because there was quite a hype about her secret route, which proved to be false. After that was Hanako’s route, which was relatively more difficult to complete due to various ends.

As of the moment I post this, I have completed Lilly, Hanako and Emi route. Completion for Hanako route required me to look for a guide to fully unlock all her chapters, including the bad end and the not-so-bad-but-still-bad end. Emi route required a replay to get some missing scenes, Lilly route was relatively easy for me, since the trick was to be honest with her, which basically defines me.

Without the use of a guide as much as possible, I will try to get into each of the girl’s route by myself. Katawa Shoujo is relatively easy to play, and you’d typically get into the routes fine as long as you make the right choices, mainly being caring and supportive of the girl you want.

After glancing through a flow-chart, credits to the Katawa Shoujo forumers, I realise that I’m probably gonna have a hard time for Rin’s route. Shizune proves to be relatively easier, but Rin is pretty vague as such is her character. Of course, being the avid gamer and perfectionist that I am (in some cases), I refuse to leave the game uncompleted after I start. I will continue to pursue every route until I have a 100% completion of the game. Of course, that isn’t achievable without guides.

For now, I will be leaving the game to get some break between all the drama of the routes. I will probably try for Rin’s route next, but it’s gonna be rather difficult. Rin’s character also piques my interest. She isn’t like the other ‘defined’ heroines that get jealous if you go around with someone else, but rather she’s quite unpredictable and seemingly indifferent. Looks like a tough game ahead.

I know you’d like me to say my preference for the girls, so here’s the current standings:

Emi > Hanako = Lilly > Unplayed characters
I’m slightly biased due to Emi being my first route, but I really like her personality. It reminds me of myself, acting happy, don’t like to open up to people. I actually liken myself more to Rin, but I haven’t gone through a route, so I don’t exactly know how Rin is like except for her few appearances at the start.

I will post again when I complete a really nice route or the game itself. As of now, no manly tears yet. Just heartaches and all dat feels.

O, I forgot to mention: Katawa Shoujo is a free VN, it’s fan-made and full of awesomeness.
You can visit their website here and download the game.


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    23 August 2012 at 5:36 am

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