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YES! I have finished Katawa Shoujo! Read more in section 2 (which I definitely won’t forget today)

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Polar Bear Cafe 21
  • NakaImo 6
  • KoiChoco 7

Starting with Polar Bear Cafe!
Another episode of Panda being a egoistic jerk, somehow he doesn’t make me angry as compared to other egoistic jerks in other anime. I wonder why.
I like the end of omelettes too, but here in Singapore, our omelettes aren’t rolled up nicely, rather they’re round and fried in lots of oil. That causes the edges of the omelettes to be a really crispy and taste awesome. Speaking of omelettes, I’m hungry.

Next: NakaImo!
I’m sure everyone who’s still watching this already know that this is a pretty low-plot, fanservice anime. Aside from the obvious imouto-moe, this episode has been quite the treat. We had cat ears AND cat tails, what’s better was that both cat accessories reacted to emotions, thus making them more ‘real’. It was a shame that the pantsu were censored, really. I’m not sure whether I would dl the BD just to see it. Probably not.
Apparenlty grabbing on the tail also sends sensory signals to the brain. Resulting in a To Love-ru-like tail grabbing scene. Quite the fanservice anime I must say.

Lastly: KoiChoco!
More development! MOARRRR!!! Now I’m really curious about Oojima’s relationship with the teacher. Previously Chisato sent a mail to Oojima hinting that the teacher could be his ‘mother’, but I doubt so. Maybe both Chisato and Oojima were looked after by her since young, thus calling her ‘mother’ was natural.
Obviously, Chisato and Oojima are not ‘just childhood friends’. At the moment, Chisato’s flashback and the truck isn’t explained, but I really want to know what’s behind that. Her younger brother? Oojima’s younger brother? Probably Chisato’s. I’m also really looking forward for the bullying-backstory to be addressed. This anime has the potential to be an underdog of this season, and I really want to see it become that. If it doesn’t deliver good enough, I guess I could always play the VN.

Section 2: Completion of Katawa Shoujo

Yes, I finished Shizune route today. Unlike the other 4 routes, Shizune’s route seems a whole lot longer and more narrative. I sat through 4~5 hours just sitting and reading. Needless to say, I got bored of it at one point and started skipping quite a lot of conversations. Due to that, Shizune’s route had the least impact for me. What I must say though, is that I feel incredibly sad and sorry for Misha. She’s probably the main focus of Shizune route, despite the route being for Shizune.

Of course, I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t a Misha route. Rin and Emi have their routes, Hanako and Lilly have their routes, but Misha doesn’t? That’s really unfair, but I guess it can’t be helped. It’s like how Illya has no route in F/SN.

I can’t spoil this for people who haven’t played Katawa Shoujo, but Misha’s story entertains me more than Shizune’s story. I’m just going to leave it at that.

O and for some sort of an ‘achievement’ award thing, I didn’t fap at all throughout all the routes. The feels were getting to me, and there was simply no mood for it.

Final character standings:
Rin > Emi > Lilly = Hanako = Misha > Shizune

Other character standings:
Akira = Head nurse > Kenji = Hideaki > Emi’s mom > Everyone else > Art teacher

If you’re wondering why I hate the art teacher so much, it’s because he keeps trying to push people to do something because he deems it good for them, he imposes his dreams on Rin and causes a shitload of trouble. I hate people that force opinions on others, especially when Rin don’t even know who she is and thus has no solid opinion.

Kenji also kinda surprised me in Shizune’s route. He only takes off his specs there, and after listening to his seemingly-bullshit throughout all the routes, I must say that he’s quite the broken guy. He could easily dust himself off and continue with his life, but I guess his first love was too much trauma for him.

Good VN, strongly recommended + legally free. (Fan-made, but really well done to be honest.)

All’s well that ends well

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