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Implied scene is implied. ALL HAIL FALCON PUNCH!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Glop Art Online 10
  • Hunter X Hunter 46
  • Accel World 22
  • Kokoro Connect 10
  • Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 10
  • Poyopoyo 36

Well, it was as implied as I liked, but it was implied enough.
Contrary to my fanboyism, Kirito has failed me. It appears that the best defense is a good offense and the best offense isn’t a good defense at all. The following screenshots are extremely embarrassing. Viewer discretion is advised.
I will never understand how a girl feels when the man she loves proposes to her, but this scenes comes pretty damn close to letting me know that. I almost shed a tear as well, tear of happiness for Asuna. I had this very warm feeling in my heart right after Asuna said yes. The same feeling I had after Ryuuji proposed to Taiga.

Next: Time to get back into the action with Hunter X Hunter!
WHAT THE HECK?! STILL NOT FIGHTING YET? O well, at least they did cut back into Gon and Killua’s situation. Looks like more things are shifted around, but not too different.
Let’s hope they end this season right before Greed Island. I can’t wait anymore with all the dramatic delays. There’s about 4 more episodes before the end of the season, but HxH already transcends 3 seasons, so they’ll probably go at their own pace now.

Next: Accel World!
Worlds are colliding. Brain Burst isn’t just an alternate reality anymore. Luckily the game doesn’t kill you when you die.
And we have the first reference to SAO even before SAO finishes airing:
SPOILER ALERT! Kuroyukihime is actually Asuna and Kirito’s daughter! (Not real, or at least I don’t know if it’s real.) Kuroyukihime’s real name was never mentioned. Haruyuki only calls her senpai and Taku calls her master. Well, considering that both SAO and AW were written by the same author, it’s only normal.

Next: Kokoro Connect!
Iori’s got her stuff down! Also: INABAN WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~
From the looks of it, Kokoro Connect is possibly getting another season, see-ing how at episode 11 they decide to start another arc. The past arcs were 5 episode per arc, and if they continue like this it’s possible that they finish all 4 main arcs in 2 seasons. They might squeeze in the 2 side stories in the LN for the remaining 3-5 episodes. Or maybe the boycott over the seiyuu controversy might set them back. Let’s hope they have another season going for them despite the small bump.

Next: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita!
I think I might be onto something. The episodes are presented in reverse order, or rather the story arcs are. It’s no wonder why I’ve been lost since I started this show.
Now I’m looking forward to how humanity declined in the first place! Interesting, interesting!

3 minute shorts: Poyopoyo!
I like round things too! =3


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