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Monday blurs and an update

Autumn Chart has been updated! I can’t tell the difference, but maybe you might! More about it in Section 2.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hyouka 21
  • Moyashimon Returns 10

Starting with the detective-slice of life!
This episode, we have a Valentine’s special. But not just any Valentine’s, a mysterious Valentine’s.
It’s really rare to see Satoshi get down like this, it’s just not his character. But if he’s so scared of being obsessive, why is he obsessed with not being obsessive? I’m probably just thinking too much, but I REALLY REALLY wanted Chitanda to give Houtarou chocolate. AND THE PHRASE SHE SAID RIGHT BEFORE THEY HAD AN AWKWARD MOMENT WAS BUILDING IT TO BE A VERY NICE ROMANTIC MOMENT, but nothing happened. I’m so disappointed.
Is that what girls do when they’re sad? When I’m sad I just sit in front of my com and watch anime, actually no. I watch anime regardless what my mood is.

Next: Moyashimon Returns!
This episode, we have family problems and relationship problems as well as problem-solving problems. 99 problems but Tadayasu don’t give a shit.
Meanwhile, delicious looking meal is delicious looking. O DAMN I’M SO HUNGRY RIGHT NOW.

Section 2: Autumn 2012 Chart update

Click to see full resolution

I honestly don’t see much of a difference, but here you go.


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