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So I was supposed to watch like.. 4 episodes today, I ended up watching almost none. Well, I’m about to watch 2, but they’re kinda ‘forced’. I don’t really actually want to watch them, but I will because I don’t want a backlog piling up.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai 10
  • Hagure Yuusha no Estetica 11

Starting with Dakara H.
It’s post-apocalypse and shit is happening! I don’t get what’s wrong at all, but apparently people that are supposed to be dead are finally dying. The shinigamis have apparently extended the due date on most of the human race because they care for them. Meanwhile, tsundere still refuses to admit her love for Erosuke. OKAY. I’m feeling less and less motivation to watch this, especially when Lisara’s scars still aren’t healing.
Let’s just hope that it’ll only be a 12 episode anime.

Next: Hagure Yuusha!
GOGOGO BOSS FIGHT WHOOOOO!! I think I’m a sucker for boss fights. I grind all characters to max level before fighting final bosses. Every damned time. Heck, I do that even with FF8 where the mob scales with your level. If I did that with Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced it would be understandable since the boss doesn’t level up as you do, but in FF8 they do, making it the same fight no matter what level you’re at. But the feeling of being max level and completely unstoppable is just so awesome.
It’s like screaming “COME AT ME BROOOO” at the boss and then just whalloping his ass with little to no effort. I’m looking forward to the finale of this series. Even with the sucky raws, I still find this much better than Dakara H. Maybe it’s because the MC is so OP and badass.


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