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Now that I’ve rushed and caught up with Tower of God in 3 days, I can prioritize watching anime now. I’m gonna remove all backlog today and hopefully I won’t feel guilty when I go eat sushi buffet tomorrow afternoon.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Accel World 24 (End)
  • Hunter X Hunter 48
  • Sword Art Online 12
  • Kokoro Connect 12
  • KoiChoco 11
  • NakaImo 11
  • Poyopoyo 38

Starting with the finale of Accel World.
The build up to this wasn’t very predictable, I didn’t realise they’d end it with 24, I was expecting maybe another 1 or 2 more before it ends, but o well, let’s see how they conclude it. <watched episode> Well… Not exactly very conclusive, but at least Dusk Taker is dead now.
Shy Kuroyukihime is so cute. And Raker + Lotus finally got back together! Nothing was said about the real life person of Ash Roller though, I wanted to know =<

Next: HxH!
YEA! Now that Kurapica’s arc is over, it’s back to Gon and Killua. This time, they jump straight into the auction, trade market and meeting with Zepile (Zepairu). The episode ends when Leorio tells them about a clue regarding the spiders.
From the looks of the preview, it looks like next episode might end at a cliff hanger. AHHHH I CAN’T WAITTT!

Next: SAO!
I hate to say this, but this episode seems really really rushed. And from how it appears for now, they better not rush the ending with the last episode. Stretch it out to 24 – 26  episodes and conclude the anime properly, because I don’t want a rushed end and end up grouping this anime with the failed LN adaptations like Yumekui Merry.
I can’t help but think that Yui looks almost exactly like Yamada from Working. Except that she doesn’t speak like Yamada and certain isn’t as stupid as Yamada.

Next: Kokoro Connect
OP changed! Now it’s sung by a guy called Imai Masaki, pretty catchy tune imo. And this episode, all the character-drama has closed up and now we get into the slightly more serious part, and that continues next episode. I’m curious as to seeing what Heartseed 2 might do to ‘spice things up’.

Next: KoiChoco!
Okay. Some drama has been resolved, but the root of the problem still hasn’t been addressed, and it seems that it might prove to be a lot more troublesome now that it has been revealed. WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN TO MY HAPPY VANILLA COUPLE?! TELL ME NAO!
Since that was the 11th episode, it looks like this series might end at 13. I will probably prevent posting any major spoilers from this post on because this show is seriously too awesome and you shouldn’t be spoiling yourself like that.

Next: NakaImo!
This anime is completely based around an anonymous un-recognized imouto. It’s exactly like having Cream Puff Roulette. Like russian roulette, but no deaths.

Lastly: Poyopoyo!
Whoever’s voicing Poyo has earned my seal of epicawesomeness. This scene is simply too hilarious. Coupled with the really awesome voicing from the VA, it became exponentially weird and awesome. AT THE SAME TIME.


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