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Weddings and Vanilla

Today’s theme is love and all things associated with it. Went to a wedding ceremony in the morning and was pretty wowed by the procession. But then again, I probably actually went there for the food. I know the couple, as friends, but food is my best friend.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • NakaImo 12 (End)
  • KoiChoco 12 (End)

Starting with NakaImo.
FINALLY, finally Shougo finds his real imouto and makes up with her. Now that the imouto is revealed, it’s officially time for harem end!
Mmmmm, I ate some creampuffs today at the wedding banquet, they weren’t as creamy as I expected.

Next: KoiChoco!
Great end imo. Everything ends well, happy ending, prince marries the princess etc. I love happy endings in love stories, even if it involves weird stuff like politics.
Another good anime this season has ended, especially that last scene. OOOOOOOO SWEEET SWWEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTT VANILLA CHOCOLATE!


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