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Friday is now officially the same-awesomeness as Sunday

Guess what’s out today! YES HIDAMARI SKETTCHHH WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Polar Bear Cafe 27
  • Busou Shinki 1
  • BTOOOM! 1
  • Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb 1 (Will call it as Honeycomb from now on)

Starting with last season’s Polar Bear Cafe and ending with the most relaxing show ever made.
Oh! A new OP! Finally something that doesn’t sound K-Pop-ish every time I watch Polar Bear Cafe. The ED randomly changes between the various cast members, this time it’s Panda Mama.
I will never understand high-class dining nor coffee.

Next: Busou Shinki!
OP sounds like a school song, rather unfitting for an action anime I thought, but after watching it and getting to know it a little better, I suppose it fits in a weird sort of way. ED is similar.
This is probably the weirdest combination of slice of life and action ever. MC is just a normal guy with his normal schooling and etc, but the story focuses on his pet-robot girls known as Shinki. Arn is the girl above, Aines and Lene are Shinki to the same guy. Basically their 15cm~ helpers that serves and assists their masters in everyday life. Things like unpacking luggage, cooking etc. Because of that, nearly everyone has one. There’s also an option to customize your Shinki and let them fight each other in a deathmatch. It usually ends in the other party being destroyed, but that’s too cruel. Let’s see how the proceed on with this one.

How do you even read this anime’s name? Boom? B’toom? Dammit Japanese and their anime names. OP is rather rocky and full of Engrish. ED is a calming ballad, a stark contrast to the nature of the anime.
Also, after watching the first episode, I finally know how to pronounce the name. It’s called bu-tuum (Japanese romanji). Which is rather weird, but okay. Similar to SAO, people die when they’re killed, but unlike being stuck in the game world, they are actually moved somewhere in the real world. Everyone seems paranoid. I’m gonna keep watching to see what happens.

Lastly: Hidamari Sketch!
YEAAAA!! Best slice of life ever! It retains the cute atmosphere as well as the everything’s gonna go well feel. And Miyako as cute as ever! OP is sung by the 6 main cast, doesn’t sound very catch like Sketch Switch or Hoshimittsu’s OP, but it’ll do. ED is by Marble again and sounds awesome!
Her childish behaviour never gets old. Miyako banzai!


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