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Board Games Camp Day #3 – End

It ended early in the morning. The camp wasn’t overwhelming, it was mellow, chillax and above all, very enjoyable. It isn’t like those kinda “HYPE-UP Y’ALL!!!” kinda camp. If I had to compare it, it would be like a pub to a club. Watered down, chillax atmosphere, but the same good fun. We played board games, card games, heck we even made ad-hoc networks and played DotA, but even so, the camp was fun and I learned a few more new games (Just 1 really, but I learned the theory of another). There were a few camp-activities, thing like treasure hunt, facilitated Hide & Seek (clues are given and you have to move to a certain place to find the people in charge who will give you yet another clue). Despite the underwhelming response to the camp (only 5 non-committee turned up), it was still a good experience for me because I didn’t get to go to the previous 3 camps due to clashing schedules.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Magi 1
  • Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne 1 (Definitely shortened. OniiAi)
  • Sukitte Ii na yo 1 (Sukinayo)
  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 1

Starting with Magi because it’s a remake-adaptation of the classic story, Arabian Nights (1001 Nights). It has tales of epic proportions, dangerous adventures, legendary expeditions. It’s simply a really good book and I’d love to see an anime-reinterpretation. One of my anticipated anime this season.
OP sung by a guy, sounds like mainstream J-Pop and doesn’t leave much of an impression to me, but hey, it might grow on me. There wasn’t a clear-cut ED sequence, but I think they faded the ED song in towards the end of the episode in the background, it sounds pretty good. Also, if I remember correctly, Aladdin wasn’t part of the Arabian Nights, but I like how he’s mixed into it. The comedy is pretty awesome too! But what has the best potential is still the storyline. It doesn’t sound like it will go the traditional storied that we’ve heard, but I’m looking forward to more action and adventure!

Next: OniiAi
I SENSE IMOUTO ROUTE! This anime is pretty much your comedy-harem show, unless there’s no harem. Epic fanservice as well, but comedy seems a bit forced. Even though the episode was from AT-X, there were still censors. AT-X I AM DISAPPOINT.
No OP in first episode, but the comedy really really feels forced. But I guess the LN itself also forces these comedic lines. It feels like I’m watching a 4koma. Well stupid jokes aside, I honestly don’t think this is gonna have any plot at all. The comedy is weak but I’m gonna continue watching even though I know there’s gonna be no romance development. Also because the onii-chan looks like Brosuke from OreImo.

Next: Sukitte Ii na yo
Seems like another shoujo anime. So many shoujos this season! This one has a slightly darker tone to it compared to Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. It focuses on Mei, a girl who was betrayed by her ‘friends’ a long time ago and thus avoids any friendship with anyone. Due to her having no social circle, she is frequently bullied by her classmates.
I really don’t understand how this is an insult/taunt at all. Is she saying that being slutty all over the place and getting horny dudes chasing after you is something to be proud of? I don’t get it. Sure there are legit real-love couples, but in high school where you’re probably gonna succumb to peer pressure, is it really that likely? The moment I saw this scene, I instantly labeled the 3 of them as sluts. I can’t relate to Mei because I have friends and don’t mind human interaction, but I can relate to her in that I prefer to be alone sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. <back to watching anime> Whoa, that escalated quickly. I will never understand shoujo drama and how the girl always falls for the guy. Is that really how real life girls think? I don’t think so. If they really do think like that, that’d be really shallow. Helping her is one thing, the guy thinks he’s being cool and helpful, but really all he’s doing is causing Mei more trouble. He’s the most popular guy in school and everyone dislikes Mei. She’s gonna get bullied by jealous fangirls a lot more than before now that this happened. No OP for first episode, ED was shoujo-fitting, mellow and sung by some cool-sounding guy, I don’t give a shit though, episode 1 left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m having stronk hate for both Mei and Yamato. Mei for being shallow, Yamato for being a busybody.

Next: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
No OP, ED gives off the sort of feeling that it’s meant for romance comedies. Here’s the round-up: Guy picks up a white cat. Dorm does not like cats, or pets for that matter. Guy moves to loonyhouse-dorm that accepts anyone. Shit happens. Guy picks up white girl from station. More shit happens. Fanservice happens. Romance happens.
A CAT IS FINE TOO! This anime’s girl gives me the KoiChoco feeling. The cat-like girl-spy acts really like her. Single word answers, not a care in the world, anything will do attitude. Are all geniuses weird in some way?


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