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Music Monday

Because I now have classes on Mondays to 5pm, I will be staying back for the weekly boardgames meetup as well, which is from 6pm to whenever I feel like going home. Usually that means till about 9pm, and by the time I get home it’s 10pm. Thus, I do not have time to watch anime =< So instead of leaving Monday anime-less, I will change every monday to Music Monday, where I will post a song that I really like (usually anime-related) and share the song with you guys! This is slightly different from the music corner… Okay it’s not really different from it.

Section 3: Music Monday

This week’s song shall be from nano.RIPE’s not-so-new new album. It’s not-so-new because it’s been a few weeks, maybe 1 or 2 months since it was released, but it’s new because I just got it yesterday.

I will not do an entire album review so I can sneakily post the songs one by one for each of the weeks I have school, but I’m not that mean. The album’s title is “Plus to Minus to Shikumi”.

I like how their album cover is always so scrapbook-looking. The cover for the Real World single was also similarly styled, it’s quite quaint.

The song which I like most in it, aside from Sankarea’s OP and Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita’s OP is Ad-Balloon. You can’t find it on youtube because I’ve tried, so I’ll just post it here.

If the audio player doesn’t work yet, it’s because I’m still uploading it to dropbox. Give it a couple of minutes and you should be able to hear the song.

A little off topic here, but pretty much the entire album of nano.RIPE’s songs are all pleasant sounding. There isn’t one that I won’t listen to because they don’t sound bad at all. I think I’m probably addicted to her voice, as shrill as it is, it’s pretty darn good.


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