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School started

School starts on a season where I have almost 25 anime to watch weekly. Y U DO DIS TO ME SCHOOL!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • OniiAi 2
  • Magi 2
  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 2

I still have tons of other anime to watch, but I’ll see how I manage to squeeze them in. Starting with OniiAi because DAT OP!
After episode 2, it is evident that this anime will definitely not have any plot whatsoever. It will focus on comedy, random gags, fanservice and moe instead.
There’s also random imouto-related references like this one^. I’m surprised I actually caught it though, considering how ridiculous the name AND the anime was. That anime was literally like TLR: Darkness, except with animal-sticker things for censoring instead of light beams and steam. Did I mention that Akiko’s VA is only 15 years old? I love the way she laughs. GUHEHHEH GUHEHHEH

Next: Magi!
Straight off the second episode, we have intense drama, extreme power-drunk antagonist and super plot-movement. I won’t say that it’s rushed but it kinda feels a little at the moment. I really want to see what’s gonna happen next.
Open Sesame! The same phrase that was used in 1001 nights to open the King of the Bandit’s cave. A cave filled with treasures beyond your wildest dreams, golden chalices overflowing with wine, pearls whiter than snow. Everything that money could possibly buy, but yet what Ali Baba is looking for seems to be deeper than this. I’m looking forward to the day the Shariff dies.
Slavery never struck a good chord with me.

Lastly: Sakurasou Pet!
OP sounds good, I’m looking for the full version! Seems like a new VA’s playing the role of the osananajimi in this anime, so far she’s doing good! Being able to alternate between kansai accent and normal accent so fast is pretty impressive! Then there’s Misaki and her mad antics.
I’d be surprised too if I found this in my room on my birthday. But this level of surprise is different from Shiina’s level.
She’s not going to let you sleep tonight. SHIINA4LYFE!


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