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Holidays’ Eves are the best

Especially when they’re on Thursdays because that means we get a long weekend YEAAA!!!!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Chuu2Koi 4
  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 4
  • TWGOK Tenri OVA
  • Upotte!! OVA

Starting off with the just released Chuu2Koi because I got half-spoiled and I need more cuteness dose.
Looks like our pure pure Shinka isn’t as pure as she looks/behave like. Now we have 2 reformed Grade 8 Syndrome persons, and 2 which are still under Grade 8 Syndrome. But her character is like so blunt and uncaring now. I wonder if we’ll ever get the cute and considerate Shinka back…
I wonder if she might turn the cliched tsundere character. I look forward to more cuteness and lulz.

Next: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Did I mention in a previous post that this anime is super awesome and you should totally watch it? No? This anime is super awesome and you should totally watch it. It’s not always that I post more than one screenshot per episode, but I’ve been doing that for this show AND Sukinayo, coincidentally both are shoujos. Maybe shoujo brings out dem feels in me.
You gotta admit though, the sparkles are preeeeety convincing. It’s also good that he stuck to his original character though, because if he suddenly had a character change I would start hating him. Currently he’s really high on my list of respected MCs. He trusts too easily, but once that’s broken you can expect him to never trust you again. He also admits his mistakes when he regrets them. He acts completely uncaring of social status or social pressure, something that is required if you’re gonna make your stand in this world. If I were a girl I would totally fall for him.
Shizuku is also very much like Haru, except she isn’t so strong a fighter but she’s emotionally strong. She gives the right advice even though it might cause pain for her. She’s like a just and upright person, nitpicking on every single grammar mistake you make. Strange enough, she also cares about Haru a lot and is not willing to give up on him just because he’s confused. With a combination of such a great couple, along with awesome friends and hilarious comedic moments, it makes this anime really good. REALLY GOOD.

Next: TWGOK Tenri!
If you read the manga, this is basically the manga getting animated. They skipped past the 3rd set of heroines though, they’re going straight into the Old Hell arc.
Never piss Keima off. Never.

Lastly: Upotte!! OVA!
Nothing much about this episode to talk about. It’s just a fanservice-relax extra episode. I love relaxing episodes, that’s why I love Hidamari Sketch.
The jokes are still all over and there was a small bit of trivia, but the entire episode was pretty much relaxing the whole time.

Good night!

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