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Public Holidays

I feel lifeless. Here’s how I spent my 1-day holiday: Wake up -> Play LoD Dota -> Eat breakfast with parents -> Play more LoD Dota -> Watch anime -> Make blog post. After this I’ll probably play more LoD Dota and maybe dump some mots, but the forum’s been down for almost 24 hours already. I wonder if it’ll be up this evening.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Polar Bear Cafe 30
  • Uchuu Kyoudai 29
  • Hayate no Gotoku (2012) 4
  • Girls und Panzer 3
  • Chuu2Koi Lite 5

There’s no Hidamari Sketch today to relieve my stress/frustration from losing/lagging in all those LoD Dota games, so I’m a little sad. I hope Polar Bear Cafe can help a little.
Everyone’s getting into the Halloween festive aura. It’s one of the few times I’ve actually seen Halloween mentioned in anime. Usually I see Christmas because it’s romantic in some way, but Halloween? Nope.
And they always like to make fun of llama’s lack of presence. I feel bad for llama.

Next: Uchuu Kyoudai
With the launch approaching slowly but surely, something devastating happens.
Will they find Apo before the launch? I dunno lol, this episode was rather uneventful.

Next: Hayate no Gotoku
Not sure if plot is moving, but there was some shady stuff going on at the start. Hinagiku has been moved into the start commentary, the one with the 3baka and that fail teacher. Sakuya has finally appeared, but she’s only one of the CM connectors. THIS SERIES SO DISAPPOINTING. O well, at least they fixed Hina’s face.
Angry otakus? Reminds me of OreImo and the fight between Kirino and Kuroneko.

Next: Girls und Panzer
We are finally back to episode 1. Chronologically I mean. They are now against the runner-up of the national competition despite being just a newly reformed team and only receiving basic training. Brightly coloured tanks so that they can camouflage into the terrain, totally awesome!
I actually think it’s a legit tactic to paint your tank gold. It’s gonna be so bright that anyone who tries to aim at it gets blinded and cannot shoot properly. IT’S GENIUS!

Lastly: Chuu2Koi Lite!
It must be tiring to play tsukkomi to all these bokes.


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