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More pancakes

I made pancakes this morning for lunch. Pancakes are gooooodddd.The pancake mix wasn’t made by me though, it was pre-made by my mom. I just took the mix and fried/cooked it.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 4
  • Joshiraku 12
  • Sukinayo 4

Starting off with the ‘Toradora’ of this season. It’s been compared to it quite a lot, I wonder if it really is.
Well, I wouldn’t compare it to Toradora. It’s not at that level at all. But on it’s own it’s pretty decent as a romance anime. It’s pretty obvious that Shiina likes Sorata, but Sorata being the dense MC that he is, doesn’t realise it. Even after he read Shiina’s manga that was heavily based on what happened at Sakurasou.
He eventually realises what his true wish was, and it wasn’t to get out of Sakurasou. If they dragged out this 4 episodes into 6, it would have been better, but this only leaves more room to develop things between Jin and Misaki. I’m curious for their side too, especially Jin. He obviously likes Misaki and is very happy that Misaki likes him too, but why is he still holding back his feelings and keeps Misaki at friendzone?

Next: Joshiraku
One last episode to go!
You have to admit that this is pretty true, especially when things like copyright laws are in full swing. I actually don’t mind the copyright law, it protects the right of the originator of the idea. But when we’re in the 21st century, everything original is probably already invented. Anything else invented now would be an improvement of a previous invention. The only copyright I stand for would be animation/music copyright. Physical things shouldn’t have a copyright, neither should words (unless it’s a book).

Lastly: Sukinayo
Ogawd, everyone in this anime creeps me out except Mei. Mei and Yamato’s guy friend, the one that got with Asamicchi.
While I expect this from Mei, what I didn’t expect was this.
Yamato just grew balls. HE GREW BALLS! Respect level up! He’s still at shit tier, but he’s gotten a bit better, might cross over to the below-average level soon.
Being the silent observer that I am, I’ve started to notice how people behave differently and what kind of people are more likely to be trustworthy. Of course, Hayakawa oozed of dipshit douchebag the moment I saw his face, but there are times where it’s difficult to determine if a person is really nice and not just putting on a show. The easiest way is to see from their speech pattern.
So see here, this guy, punched the other guy’s face, and all the other guy gets is a swell on his cheek. Not even bleeding or broken bone, just swell. And what does our assaulter get? A sprained wrist. Just how weak is this guy really? If I sprained my wrist punching a guy’s face that guy’s probably knocked out for at least 2 hours with cheek bone fracture and a few missing molars. Seriously, a sprained wrist from that punch?! WEAK!


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