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Being a student is okay

I won’t say it’s awesome, but there are definitely more things to worry about if you’re an adult, so I’ll just be content with being a student for now. It’s kinda annoying that even as a student, they’re shoving some pretty big responsibilities at you. O well, at least I still have an allowance.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Chuu2Koi 5
  • Girls und Panzer 4
  • KoreZombie S2 OVA

Starting off with Chuu2Koi!
O gawd everything in this show is just oozing with cuteness. No I’m not exaggerating. Everything looks like its cuteness level is on maximum.
Even the mom. The younger sister seems to have a cool head on her shoulders though, reminds me of reliable imoutos like Mikan and Ui. The OST for the ending scene was cute and fluffy, really nice.

Next: Girls und Panzer
Looks like we finally see what happens in that mock battle. Everything after that was a blitz though, it’s rushed too fast. TOO FAST YO! At first they were like, o yea let’s haz practice match even though we only just reformed out Tankwando team, now it’s like WHOO LET’S WIN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!
If the Tankwando championships was a race then maybe they might be able to pull it off, but sadly it isn’t. And I’m afraid they won’t be able to pull it off at all.

Next: KoreZombie OVA!
It feels like one of those starter episodes, seemingly-plotless and full of delicious fanservice and awesome comedy. Except this time it was 2 mini-arcs instead of just one. Well, not exactly mini-arc, they were a little bit linked. Ayumu is pretty cool guy.
Hurrah for Ayumu being the jack of all trades!


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