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Moar catching up

I have this weird relationship with Sunday. I want it to come fast so I can watch Hunter x Hunter and SAO, but I don’t want it to come fast because that will mean tomorrow is Monday.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 54
  • Sword Art Online 18
  • BTOOOM! 5
  • Shin Sekai yori 6
  • Little Busters! 5
  • Poyopoyo 44

Starting off with HxH!
This week is a cliffhanger, however, the cliffhanger was left at an extremely weird junction. While it still retains the suspense, smarter viewers will be able to immediately pick out what happened due to it being explained before.
From the current pace, it doesn’t look like it’s just gonna be 3 or 4 more episodes to Greed Island anymore. It seems like it’s gonna take 6 or maybe even 7 episodes. Y U MAKE ME WAIT NUUUUUUUUU

Next: SAO!
Looks like we’re gonna see some Kirito pwnage next episode yay!

Looks like Sakamoto finally captured the girl, though not exactly in a very love-love way. However, the players aside, they’re still trapped in a tropical island where there are bugs and many other wildlife.
I wonder how they’ll somehow stick together. I hope it doesn’t end with all of them dying =<

Next: Shin Sekai yori
This show doesn’t look like it’s gonna let up on the suspense and mystery anytime soon. Right now I have a few assumptions. From what happened with the hypnosis while Satoru was asleep, it appears that they always had the power to begin with. There was no ‘taking the power away’. There is only a placebo effect where the users are led to believe that they are unable to use their powers.
It also appears that the Queerrats on their side are ready to switch sides when they find out that the 2 humans aren’t as strong as they thought out to be. It also appears that the death-feedback mechanism works regardless of what was killed. Burning trees and sending rocks flying out to hit and crush foliage maybe triggering the death feedback that’s affecting Satoru. I wonder how it’s gonna work out for the both of them. Where’s the smart guy when you need him?

Lastly: Little Busters!
O dayum, Komari route finally gets to the stuff. We are left with a cliffhanger end when Komari breaks down.
Look at that art! DAT ART! Pretty much the reason why she doesn’t remember her bro has been cleared, but what could be the secret that they were hiding from her?

3 minute shorts: Poyo
Proving once again, that cats don’t really give a shit about anything.


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