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Magi Monday

Nope, not Music Monday but Magi Monday. I managed to return home a little bit earlier today and thus have just enough time to watch the one episode of Magi that I’m looking forward to.

Section 1: Episode watched today

  • Magi 5

Yay Magi! It’s the show I’m looking forward to most this season after Hidamari Sketch and Chuu2Koi.
WHOOOO! So many awesome stuff you can pull off just by having a contract with a genie. Though I never expected Aladdin to actually know how to use magic, I guess he sorta knew it all along, having spent so much time with Ugo.
Sorry for the poor screenshot, but the effects were blurring too much. She’s pretty damn awesome tbh. But Aladdin, he mad stronk.


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