Anime, daily life and randomness


I’m losing them again. I got so caught up watching Minecraft tutorials that I forgot to watch anime. Luckily I stopped and now I will watch 2 episodes for today.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 5
  • Uchuu Kyoudai 31

Starting with our beloved Shiina first.
Clueless girls that can’t read the atmosphere, banzai!
Also, Nanami’s VA is actually a new VA out on the scene and personally, I think she’s doing awesome. Everything is very fast-paced though, but it’s nice. I’m looking forward to see how Sorata’s gonna fix both the clueless Mashiro and the stubborn workaholic Nanami or will he crumble under the pressure first?

Next: Spacebros!
Inspirational episode is inspirational. They always say don’t just aim for the moon, aim for the stars. If you fail then at least you’d land on the moon. In this case Hibito is literally going to the moon, I’ve always wanted to experience what zero-gravity is like, but I’m probably never gonna get the chance.
“The biggest difference between the sky and life is that the sky doesn’t belong to anyone, but your life belongs to you. You can’t control the sky, but you can control your own life.”


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