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Dedicated AFA post #1

Yes, I’m almost 2 days late, but here it finally is. This post will be mostly cosplay pictures, I will post my purchases in another post because it’s quite tedious to post photos on wordpress.

Section n: What I did during AFA

Let’s see.. I went to the event with my friend. The first thing we did was to take a quick look in all the shops while everyone rushes straight to the SAO booth. After that we decided to walk the doujin street, a street of non-official goods. Fan-made goods. It’s the place where things sell cheaply and are decent in quality. It’s also the place of hidden gems and Touhou items. If course, every year there’d be a series like SAO that everyone decides to cash in on, but I’m lucky to have found a very nice “Keep Calm and Conserve Energy” T-shirt!
If the phrase sounds familiar, it’s because conserving energy is Oreki Houtarou’s motto. You might remember him from the anime Hyouka, where he was the brilliant detective who could figure out the exact reason why someone would look at helicopters fly past on a sunny day.

Okay, I don’t want to deviate from the original topic. Of course, what we did was to go around the doujin street, buying badgers like a crazed badge collector. I also picked up a 4koma doujin about Hyouka. After that Cyberias and xbadboyzx called my friend and I over to take over their queuing for the SAO booth, which was about the entire event’s length. They were 1/4 from the end so there was 3/4 more to go. Since there was nothing to do while we were in the queue, we decided to just look at the cosplayers that passed us when we queued. My friend started rating them and eventually he got so enthusiastic he went to take photos of all the cosplayers that he thought were good. This post is image intensive, so I’ll leave a page breaker here.

Here are some of the cosplayers:

Yagami Hayate from Nanoha A’s

Saber & Asuna with cardboard standee (I don’t know the series)

Beatrice the Witch from Umineko

Kill gang from Mirai Nikki. From left: 9th, 4th, 12th, 3rd, 1st.

2nd from Mirai Nikki

A rather chubby-cheeked Eucliwood Hellscythe (KoreZombie)

Chariot from BRS on roller blades. Pretty cool improvisation.

Tsukihi from Nisemonogatari! The green stamp on her hand is the re-entry identification. You gotta have tickets to get into the festival.

Okay I have encountered a problem. A big one. It appears that Dropbox is screwing with me and most of my pictures are now corrupt even though I can view them on my com. I will post again on another day. I’m gonna go fix this shit up.


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