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Dedicated AFA post #2

Here’s hoping that Dropbox has now fixed itself. I’m sorry if there’s any reposts, but yesterday’s problem has really left me uncoordinated.

edit: Okay, Dropbox has not fixed itself, I will now painfully upload every image on imgur.
edit2: Okay so apparently I can’t upload them on imgur either, it gives a blank slate.

I’ll just leave a link here to my Dropbox folder and hope you guys can open it from there because I really don’t get what’s going on. Could it be that the pictures my friend took are corrupted? =<

In case the Dropbox link doesn’t work, here’s a link to download the pictures (130MB). They are viewable on a computer but not online apparently. I really don’t get why Dropbox and Imgur can’t upload them.

Also, if you’re looking for more cosplay pictures, you should bug Nuuby over at his blog for them. He had a DSLR and was madly snapping away like a pro.

I refuse to leave a blog post so empty, so I will post what I bought even if my phone camera fails so hard and takes such LQ pictures.

Section n+1: What I bought from AFA

Once again, sorry for the very LQ photos. If people request for scans of the calendar/4koma, I’d be glad to scan them up for you guys. Once again, they are not my works, just stuff I bought from AFA.

First up would be the posters that I bought to decorate the interior of my very boring cupboard.

A4 Remilia, card-print ($4)

A3 Yuuka, paper with smooth surface finish ($3)

These are supposed to be bookmarks, but I stuck them up because I don’t usually read books hurrhurr. (3 for $2, Ran & Chen was bought from another person because she bought the last piece from in front of my eyes =< Bought Ran & Chen for $2)

Hyouka 4koma English-translated ($10)

Kyubey mini-poker cards ($6)

Sayaka and Kyouko badges ($4/ea) I didn’t buy the full set because all I care about in MadoMagi is these 2. Most tragic love story ever.

Komeiji family badges set ($2/ea)

Remilia & Flan badges ($2/ea)

Shinobu mini-nendo(?) I’m not sure whether it is, but I got it at a really cheap $6. Totally worth it.

Calendar postcard-thingies ($10) It goes all the way to 2014 April. I have no idea why they stop at April.

That’s all for my purchases. My total purchases include the T-shirt that was posted in the previous AFA post. Total amount spent was an okay-ish $119.50, including food, entrance ticket.

There was a food street this year in the AFA area, the food was really good but a bit pricey if you ate it yourself. I shared with my friend for half the price, it was more worth it.

That’s all for my AFA adventures, might I direct you to Sakura-Doujin for pictures of the display-only models and some other quirky pictures (including cosplay and some events).

Now all that’s left is Nuuby’s pictures. Go nudge him. Spam comments, spam likes, whatever to get his attention. Hopefully he’ll feel the obligation and get to work.


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