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This Sunday is incomplete. My all-time most anticipated show is on hiatus this week. ON HIATUS, WHAT WILL I DO OGAWWDDDDDDDDD

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Sword Art Online 21
  • BTOOOM! 8
  • K 4
  • Shin Sekai yori 9
  • Medaka Box Abnormal 7
  • Little Busters! 8
  • Poyopoyo 47

Since I have no HxH to start with, I’m going with the second one I usually watch.
Well…. I wonder when Suguha will realise that she’s playing with her brother. I also wonder if Kirito will ever reach the top based on that flight alone. He was the fastest player in SAO though, and since the flight limit is by time and not distance, he could very well reach the top if not for the cloud barrier.
I wonder what the card that Asuna took does. Maybe it unlocks her cage?

Okay, so yet another person, who suspiciously looks like Killua’s head butler, has surfaced and is taking care of Taira. Well, he’s a doctor so he should know what he’s doing. But what is this about the strongest player? Will they end up working together?
Lol epicdramaimagination. You wish it were this easy.

Next: K
I had this one on stall because Doki was stalling the t/l. But looks like they’re back so I’ll continue watching it. I also heard that the plot picked up, maybe a few episodes from now, but I’ll just continue it for now.
Well, there are still out of place comedic moments here and there that greatly contrast the general flow of the storyline. I can think of a few reasons as to how he got back on time. Remember the cat? It looks like she has the ability to manipulate distance from that stupid chase in episode 2. Everything else is still fujoshi material though, but I’m curious to know about their powers.

Next: Shin Sekai yori
HOOOOLLLYYY SSHIIIITTTTT I swear this is the creepiest anime this season. The suspense never lets up and only gets more and more tense.
I really hope they explain everything in the end, or I’d be really disappointed.

Next: Medaka Box!
I missed last week’s release, so I’m watching 2 episodes this week. Whoa, big bluffs being called everywhere.
I now officially declare this season imouto season. Almost every anime I’m watching has something to do with imoutos. Could it be that the trend started from last season with NakaImo?! MASAKAAAA!?!!?

Next: Little Busters!
Okay.. So this episode is about the cute and small Kud. It also shows a lot more Student President, is this a sign? Next episode doesn’t seem eventful at all, and having just finished with Komari route, shouldn’t they be moving onto someone else’s? Or are all these still in the middle of choosing routes? I remember in Katawa Shoujo there was the first section where you’d have to go through no matter what, but it was just who you were spending more time with.
I wonder which route will be next.. Kud? The very random and mischievous pink haired girl? The tall, nice-body, class-skipping girl? I’m sorry if I don’t remember their names, they just don’t say it out so often. What I do know is that Rin’s route is probably last.

3 minute shorts: Poyo
I have no idea what just happened.


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  1. Hi.About K.Why don’t you just use other fansubs instead of waiting for doki?

    26 November 2012 at 9:57 am

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