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Draft post

This is a draft post, but I’m publishing it anyway. Why? Because let’s face it, most draft essays usually end up being the final one anyway. Or maybe it’s just me.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 9
  • Sukinayo 8

Only watching 2 today because I was rushing a 1200-word essay that is due by the end of the week. Let’s hope I wasn’t too controversial in my writing. I wrote some pretty crazy stuff in there.

Starting with Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
I still think this is a shoujo, but it’s one of those shoujos which also happen to appeal to guys. Not in the fanservice way but the romance/characters way.
While Shizuku continues to build her expectations, Asako seems to have fallen for someone as well! Yamaken also falls for someone. EVERYONE’S FALLING IN LOVE YAAAAAYYYY! This only means more drama to come. It’s funny how they manage to portray a serious family problem in a comedic way. I wonder how her mom feels about her dad.

Next: Sukinayo
Whoa, mystical transformation. From jealous bitch to supportive friend-wingwoman. All because Mei supported her despite the fact that she once tried to stop Mei from becoming Yamato’s girlfriend.
Whoo! You go girl! (O gawd that sounded so gay)
Careless? Bitch, what you did can’t be just brushed off as careless. You have a girlfriend. You don’t f#@$ing go to other girl’s house, much less alone with her when you didn’t even go on a proper date with your girlfriend yet. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN, IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND LIKE AN ACCESSORY TO YOU?! Respect points -50.


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