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Sunday sunday sunday!

A little late on the post, but I had tons of fun playing with dem other gaiz from church camp! Activities are so fun!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 58
  • Sword Art Online 23
  • BTOOOM! 10
  • Shin Sekai yori 11
  • Little Busters! 10
  • Poyopoyo 49

Starting with Hunter X Hunter!
Wonderful end to the Spiders arc. I feel it to be a little rushed, but it has already been quite long since Yorkshin and the start of the Spiders arc. Next up is the Greed Island arc WHOOOO!!!
Hisoka is still being fabulously awesome. And pedo at the same time.
From the preview, it looks like they might cliff hang at the part where they start training. CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!

Next: Plot Armor Online
Great action and all, but wtf no dual-wielding action?! I am disappoint. Also: Lol if he could pull it off with just 2 swords, couldn’t he have just gone and buy another one? I don’t understand shounen logic.
ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK! Also, the OST throughout this entire time was just magnificent.

Whoa man, that NTR so hardcore. SO HARDCOREEEEE.. Well at least we now know that Oda is probably the kind that only thinks of himself, except he has skills. Date is like Oda, except he has NO skills. I wonder what would happen if they teamed up.
Sakamoto, I am disappoint. You trust a doctor more than Himiko? You risked your life to save Himiko, can’t you at least trust her? Also, in that death/life situation, I’d act first before I ask for an explanation. Throwing the trunk won’t destroy it, you can always retrieve it later if it doesn’t explode.

Next: Shin Sekai yori
This world is incredibly screwed up. Reminds me of some other anime but I can’t really put a title on it. O SHI- ARE MY MEMORIES BEING MEDDLED WITH!?
O look, surprise yuri kiss! Next episode doesn’t seem to be the end, but I can feel it ending soon. Maybe episode 13?

Next: Little Busters!
Is this another route? Nishizono route? She really leaves a Yuki-type impression on me. Does not openly show her feelings, read books quietly, unaffected by societal pressure or name-calling.
Though she appears cold and unfeeling, it appears that she is slowly opening herself to Riki. Well, the season’s drawing to a close, but Little Busters goes on for 25 episodes. I guess laying the ground work and giving us slice-of-lifes for now is okay, even though they already sort-of completed Komari route.

Lastly: Poyopoyo!
I will never understand Japanese and their obsession with green onions up the ass when it comes to colds. Doesn’t really fix anything and is probably really pain.


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