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Magi used to be out on Mondays. But for some reason, it’s not out today.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • K 7
  • Medaka Box Abnormal 9
  • Busou Shinki 10

Starting with K so I can get over it fast.
So… We have the first part explained, now we get more stuff to explain. WHOOO MOAR STUFF TO EXPLAIN! *sigh*
Let’s hope Doki catches up to the air time soon.

Next: Medaka Box
Whoa, evil Medaka. I wonder what happens now? Medaka’s abnormality still has not been explained, but it has been hinted throughout the series. It’s probably superior learning speed as well as mastering everything she learns as soon as she learns of it. Thus, without her personality, Medaka’s abnormality completely changes its strength.
Well that’s just a guess, but her abnormality might be much more complex than that. I also want to see Kumagawa soon because he is apparently the most troll character in this series.

Lastly: Busou Shinki
Without her long hair, Ann looks like Erica from Strike Witches.


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