Anime, daily life and randomness

It’s over

No, not my life. The exams are. And the first thing I did right after exams was to go out with my church mates at Sentosa. Thus, I came home late and only have enough time for one anime.

Section 1: Episode watched today

  • Magi 10

Now that exams are over I have more time to slack around and goof off. That means more anime!
Whoa, first big battle in a while, and it’s between 2 magis! AWESOME STUFF!
There should totally be a selecting criteria for Magis, but I guess the good has to be counterbalanced by the bad.
You have no idea how satisfying this scene is when it happened. But now I’m curious. Is Ugo actually moving based on his own magoi, or does he really belong to someone else?


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