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Caught in the rain

Usually in anime, that means the person’s gonna get a cold and fever and spend the next few days under the blanket and sleeping while being cared for by his/her love interest or a close friend. Unfortunately, I do not have a girl that would take care of me and I will definitely not waste time sleeping in bed even if I have a fever. WATCH ALL THE ANIME!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 11
  • Sukinayo 10
  • K 9
  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 10
  • OniiAi 10

Starting with Tonari no Kaibutsu-kunnnnnIt doesn’t look like it can end by next episode, I’m guessing that this is probably a 2-season run.
But that preview’s title so suspicious. Hm….

Next: Sukinayo
WHOOHOOOO, I swear this anime is just the lousiest example of a love story ever. Or at least I wouldn’t be this way ever. This episode is just so full of jealousy, assumptions, not giving chances to explain. Srsly Yamato, you don’t deserve a girl like Mei. But she likes you so it can’t be herped. GAAAHHH WHY ARE MCs SO DENSE
And Mei’s friends are SO DUMB. O gawd this anime is turning me into a hateful person. It’s just idiots after idiots. Hmm.. It looks like the side cast is a lot more awesome than the main cast. Kai and Aiko are so awesome, even though both of them started out as hindrances towards the main couple. Well, Yamato has always been slightly spineless, but this episode really makes me dislike him.

Next: K
Sooo.. What happened exactly? This thing is so confusing. What exactly is Yashiro doing? What are they plotting? What happened to the Silver King?
Why did Yashiro go and incite the Red King? WHAT IS THE LOLI DOING AND WHAT ARE HER POWERS?! Lots of questions but no answers.

Next: Sakurasou
O. My. God. Whoever is voicing Ryuunosuke is doing one hell of an awesome job. Not only is his character extremely fabulous and awesome, the voice he (or she) speaks with amplifies the effect. A lot.
He’s just speaking the truth. The cold, hard, shunned truth. You can’t argue with the truth, baby! Let’s see.. The first half was done nicely, but the second half was kinda rushed imo for this episode. One scene ago she was sobbing about hating Mashiro and painting because she couldn’t match up to her standards. The next scene she’s crying and telling Mashiro how painting with her was fun. MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMAN.

Lastly: OniiAi
Whoa, that’s a big gap in character lolololol. Also, dat chuunibyou reference.
Akiko’s over-the-top reactions coupled with her voice-acted sound effects is just awesome. Akiko’s VA is really something.


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