Anime, daily life and randomness

2 days

till we all get either very relieved, or very disappointed. I already am disappointed, but I’m also somewhat relieved. That way I can continue watching Hunter X Hunter all the way till the end (hopefully).

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Uchuu Kyoudai 37
  • Girls und Panzer 9
  • K 11
  • Busou Shinki 11

Not really looking forward to anything today, but tomorrow has Chuu2Koi final. Anticipating that.
Starting off with Spacebros
Well, we didn’t really expect him to fail, but his face when told he passed was just so emotional. The studio definitely did not waste any effort to fully animate a person’s expression when told a very good piece of news. Very well executed. I’m not even angry that they spent a good amount of time just drawing his facial expressions.
Look at that blubbering mess of emotions. You can’t even tell if he’s awkward, happy, sad or shy.

Next: Girls und Panzer
Whoo tactical fight! It’s not good to leave your flag behind and just run around chasing the opponent’s flag. It’s called baiting.
I wonder how they dug that hole in the ground to hide the tank.

Next: K
OOooo, things are still all over the place, but I more or less understand what’s happening now. The problems are probably being caused by a strain, probably a fox-type. If not, then really maybe the colourless king. But now Shiro is not Shiro anymore.
3 kings around an area, 2 fighting each other, one just awakened. LOOKS LIKE SHIT GON’ GO DOWWWWNNNNNNNN

Lastly: Busou Shinki
Whoops, looks like Hina was a super-rare limited-edition shinki. How did that guy even get a hold of her?
And it seems like there’s other people who are so obsessed with collecting them all that they’re willing to take another person’s.


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