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New Year’s Eve

Time to party? NOPE. Watching my immense backlog of anime with the goal of finishing every shortcut off my laptop by tomorrow before school starts on the 2nd of January. Here’s a look at my desktop now:

Every shortcut is a reminder for me that I haven’t watched that anime. After I’ve watched it I will delete the shortcut. Looks pretty messy right? Well, it’s gonna be pretty clean in about 48 hours.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • K 13 (End)
  • Medaka Box Abnormal 12 (End)
  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun  13 (End)
  • OniiAi 12 (End)
  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 12
  • Sukinayo 11-12
  • Poyopoyo 52 (End)

Starting off with K and proceeding to finish as many previous-season anime as possible.
Well…….. I still don’t understand what happened. But it has ended. Was a pretty meh watch, jumping around here and there. Once things were explained, it was just a bunch of drama and some random action scenes. If they ever come out with a season 2 that explains further into this incident, I would watch.
I also just realised that I called out the evil masterplan way before it was revealed. BANZAI ME!

Next: Medaka Box Abnormal
Hmm… I think this is probably just an episode to transition into the 3rd season of Medaka Box by explaining Kumagawa’s abilities as well as Shininin’s ‘uniqueness’. Also, when this happened (screenshot below), I actually agreed and would willingly watch her talk for 30 minutes. After the episode, I went to check on her VA and SURPRISE! It was Nana Mizuki. NO WONDER I COULD JUST LISTEN TO HER TALK!
Kumagawa has one main power: “All Fiction”. He also uses screws like wtf, but I don’t get the screws part. Shininin is literally the embodiment of all Abnormals and Minuses. (I have no idea what a Minus means). Also, since Medaka’s Abnormality is literally infinite, Medaka is probably the only one that can match Shininin on equal ground, or maybe at 120% vs 100%. But Medaka refuses to learn Minuses, so Shininin has that ability over her, probably. Of course, this is all just speculation. I will now proceed to spoil myself on Wiki.

Next: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Open end? It appears to be so. But nevertheless, it was a pretty good watch. Not so much on the romance, but on the comedy. The voice actors were also really awesome. Especially this one:
Even though she’s a side character, her voice is totally awesome as with the character she plays.
She’s like this quirky side character that does literally nothing that impacts the storyline but still manages to bring funny into the series. It’s cool!

Next: OniiAi
LOL THE TRUTH HAS BEEN REVEALED! So anyway, lulzy end was lulzy. Can’t wait for the BD for this episode. I wonder what they’re gonna do with all dem scenes.
SURPRISE KISS! Nasuhara is the powerhouse of funny for this show.

Next: Sakurasou Pet na Kanojo!
Whooo!! Nyaboron was a huge success! And Kanda finally became honest with himself, although with the help of a little of Rita’s trolling and general misunderstanding.
I love the part where Rita catches Ryuunosuke off guard. It was so epic. Sorata’s confession was epic too, but it was over too soon.
EVERYTHING IS OVER TOO SOON, but luckily, this anime carries forward to the next season!

Next: Sukinayi 11 – 12I don’t really have any motivation to watch this because it’s so forced drama and etc. I guess I’ll give it 15 minutes to make me watch the last few episodes.
Well… I guess you could call this the ending of the series, like the ‘official’ end. They do have an episode 13, but it’s some sort like an OVA, similar to last year’s Mayo Chiki’s episode 13. I’m guessing because no one wants to air anime for 1 episode and then miss next week’s episode immediately due to the new year. Okay watch, even though it annoyed me quite a lot, the ending was pretty mellow and somewhat decent.

Wut. Lol weird end but k. What happens when your cat wanders out of your house anyway? And strangely, why do they always seem to come back?


3 responses

  1. haha. LOL. i cant match the way you rush watching anime.
    i usually finish one before watching another one.
    > i agree with what you said about “K”. Hope there’s season 2 for that one (fingers crossed)

    i was just wondering…how many anime’s have you watched with this kind of …. watching style??LOL. you get what i mean.^_^

    b^_^d awesome blog btw. xD

    31 December 2012 at 6:14 pm

    • Thanks! I usually watch airing anime when they air. For completed series’s, I’d marathon through them in one sitting, but lately unable to do so because of time limitation. School is busy stuff =<

      31 December 2012 at 7:05 pm

      • I totally agree with you!! >_<
        Schools getting hectic and stuff…
        Unlike before, i can only manage to watch a few these days.. since school requirements are to be "prioritized" of course.
        and now that breaks almost over, i bet its the same boring routine i have to deal with; without anime…

        thanks again! ^_^

        31 December 2012 at 8:14 pm

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