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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year gaiz! And what’s ushering us into a wonderful new year? KOKORO CONNECT 14 – 17! YEAAA LET’S GO!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Kokoro Connect 14 – 17 (Bonus arc End)
  • Saki Achiga-hen 13
  • Boku no Imouto wa Osaka okan 1 (Dropped)
  • Puchimas! 1
  • Sukinayo 13 (End)

Okay, let me just give you a brief summary after watching episode 14: Emotion transfer. Anytime, wherever, whoever could transmit their feelings to the rest of the 5. Not necessarily all 5, but the person transmitting will know who receives. The person receiving won’t know who else received. PROCEED TO WATCH MOAR.
If you still didn’t know that dere Inaban is best Inaban, well let me drill it into your head. And yes, I am forcing my ideals on you, ACCEPT THEM! Just so you know, most of my screenshots are gonna be Inaban because Inaban best girl of 2012 and very possibly 2013 because of this release.
Did I mention how awesome her VA is? Well, she’s like my favourite VA now, and pretty much when I first heard her voice in A Channel as that super-slack teacher. She uses the same voice with: Y (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita), Landowner (Hidamari Sketch), Messed up bomb kid (BTOOOM!), Kurapica (Hunter X Hunter 2011). Possibly many more, but I also liked her “God” in Maria Holic. She apparently voices her, but the voice is SO different.
This scene is the best.
THE BESSSSTTTT!! After Inaba is the Class President.
The best support character. I want to say after Taichi’s imouto, but my judgement cannot be obscured by moe-factors. Not only is she actually really awesome, she makes for awesome comedy as well. PLUS, SHE’S INTO YURI LOLWATTT?!

Next: Saki
I gave a bad review regarding this series on Sakura-doujin, but do take note, it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that the series is pretty much negligible and only slightly related to the original, but mahjong is still fun to watch when there’s superpowers at work.
Which power would you like to have? No doubt Teru and Saki’s powers are probably the most imba in there would you want them just so you can continuously win? Actually Saki’s one isn’t even winning, it’s completely adjusting what score you wish to acquire, it’s like hacking the game to your content.

Next: Boku no Imouto wa Osaka Okan
Another imouto anime with a damned long name. God dammit Japan, can you stop it? O whut, it’s only a 3 minute anime. O well, I’m gonna drop because listening to Kana Asumi speak in Kansai-ben is just so weird. And it sounds really forced. Kinda reminds me of Yassan from Spacebros.

Next: Puchimas!
Dammit, this one isn’t even 3 minutes! It’s only 2 minutes minus the outro song =< O well, if I can see cute idolmaster chibis I’m happy.

Lastly: Finishing up the last episode of Sukinayo
This is probably the best episode in this series. Misunderstanding upon misunderstanding, cock-blocking imouto, cock-blocking phone, cock-blocking everything.
Btw the puppy love in this episode is immensely cute. BEST COUPLE IN THE SHOW YO!


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