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Clearance day, again.

Okay, so it appears that I have gathered up a bunch of OVAs again, I will clear them today. Including that Strike Witches movie that I couldn’t watch while my parents were at home.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Uchuu Kyoudai 39
  • Puchima 6
  • Strike Witches Movie
  • To Love-ru Darkness 1 – 2
  • iDOLM@STER Funky Note/Groovy Tune/Honey Sound (3 OVAs)

Starting off with the episodes first before moving onto the OVAs.
Oooohhh, not sure if drama or whut, but looks like something’s finally happening. But before that, we get a talk from the Director.
HE TOTALLY OWNED THAT! The episode ended on a cliffhanger though. Not exactly a cliffhanger but maybe a cliffdrop?
Maybe they should drive slower next time. Or maybe the driver shouldn’t look at other things while he’s driving.

Next: Puchimas!
Producer y u so nub

Next: Strike Witches!
I heard regarding this one, something about the ending/starting being different from its original series or something. Ohh.. Looks like this is a continuation of the series after season 2’s ending.
The Deus Ex Machina is strong with this one. Doesn’t make it any less entertaining, though I’d wish that they’d focus more on the plot and actually get something done instead of just “pewpewp tatatatatatatatattaaa kaboom!” Well, if anything, this movie gives hope for a 3rd season of Strike Witches, hopefully with less Deus Ex Machina.

Next: To Love-ru 1 & 2
This aired last season, but I couldn’t bear to watch it because the censorship is so awful.
Looks like the storyline is proceeding as with the manga. Though I’m a little worried about where they’d end the anime run considering that the manga updates quite slowly.

Next: 3 OVAs. Each one of them is around 30 minutes long, so I’m not sure if I want to mash them all together.
Starting with Funky Note.
This one was mostly focused on Yayoi, Iori, AmiMami and Hibiki. The other 2 are probably focused on the others.

Next is Groovy Tune, it starts with the same scene, but it probably goes differently from Funky Note. Yep, it probably goes with different idols being chosen to go to the trip.
Groovy Tune is about Miki, Yukiho, Makoto and Takane. Which means Honey Sound is Chihaya, Haruka and Azusa.

Honey Sound: Looks like they decided to add Ritsuko in for moar lulz.
The 3 OVAs have the same opening and same ending, just different versions of what happens depending on who is going. Like one of those choices you make in a VN.


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