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Music Monday V

Once again, my board games hobby has taken away a chunk of my time. Today’s post will be another Music Monday.

Section m: Music Monday

There will be 2 albums for today, the first is Hidamarble x Honeycomb.

If you’re wondering why the album title is so similar to the recently finished Hidamari Sketch s4, it’s because it’s a tie-in with Marble and Hidamari Sketch producers.

Track list:

  • 01 Open☆Canvas ~Acoustic & Honeycomb version~
  • 02 Limit Spice -Nazuna Image Song-
  • 03 Watashi List -Miyako Image Song-
  • 04 Hoshi Furu Furu Furu -Nori Image Song-
  • 05 Kitto, Zutto -Hiro Image Song-
  • 06 Omoide Sagashi -Sae Image Song-
  • 07 infinite cloud -Ume-sensei Image Song-
  • 08 Hitorigoto
  • 09 Shiawase Nikki -Yuno Image Song-
  • 10 Shirotsumekusa no Negai

As you can see, most of them are character-songs (image songs). Not songs sung by the characters, but Marble’s image of them expressed in song. Most of them carry the same atmosphere as with Hidamari Honeycomb’s ED Yume Gumo, thus I liked most of them. I’m not sure who the composer of these songs is, but he/she is doing a very good job.

As with all the Hidamari Sketch ED songs, most of the song in this album is soothing and joyful, but not too energetic. It’s really nice to listen to when you want to sit back and just chillax while reading a book or maybe just staring at the wall. Marble’s voice is also really good at pulling off the relaxed mood and I love all her songs in that category.

<continued in a later post because my dad is bugging me to go to sleep>


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