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Music Monday V ~cont’d~

This is the continuation post for yesterday’s Music Monday.

Section m: Music Monday ~cont’d~

The 2nd album is Nana Mizuki’s Rockbound Neighbors.

O wow, she looks simply stunning in this album cover, love the hat. This is her latest album (I think). As her general style, the songs contain powerful vocals and songs with big vocal ranges, something that Nana Mizuki pulls off really well. Most of the songs that I know Nana Mizuki from are mostly actiony-anime series’s like Nanoha and Dog Days, so the songs in this album have the same feel as with the OPs of these series.

Track list:

  • 01 Avalon no Oukan
  • 02 Naked Soldier
  • 03 Get my drift?
  • 04 Lovely Fruit
  • 05 Darling Plastic
  • 07 Hoshikuzu Symphony
  • 08 LINKAGE
  • 09 STAR ROAD
  • 10 Synchrogazer -Aufwachen Form-
  • 11 Crescent Child
  • 12 Kiseki no Melodia
  • 14 Sacred Force -Extended Mix-
  • 15 Yakusoku

Okay to be honest, I actually got this album purely for Synchrogazer -Aufwachen Form-. I like remixes, and I’m curious to hear what the remix for Synchrogazer sounds like.

I’m posting this as I go through the tracks, so expect incoherent ramblings.

Ooohhh~ Lovely Fruit sounds more like Discotheque than her normal songs. If you don’t know what Discotheque sounds like, it’s like one of those pop-dancy tracks which a club would love to play. It just has that fabulous jazzy-sounding dancy beat. When you hear it you just can’t help but feel dancy as well.

HAWWWWWWW SHIIIIITTTTT SYNCHROGAZER AUFWACHEN FORM! Dat electro beat intro! But sadly, aside from the really awesome intro, everything else was exactly the same. Now that I think back, it’s a little disappointing how the intro didn’t link with Synchrogazer’s intro at all, it might as well have been 2 separate tracks.

End of listening: The last 2 tracks are superb. I really like them. Yakusoku is a ballad-ish song, but still retains her powerful vocals. Sacred Force really just reminds of the Nanoha OP songs, fast-paced and high-tensioned.


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