Anime, daily life and randomness

Rainy morning

Nice morning to start with, but with every next day, my mind only gets more and more anxious. It can be eased temporarily with anime, but I guess I still have to do work. Lots of it. Wish me concentration.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Kotoura-san 2
  • Vividred Operation 2
  • Mondaiji 2

Starting with Kotoura-san
Whoa. This anime is seriously good stuff. And the MC just keeps shooting up my list of respected MCs. DIS GUY IS AWESOME!
Number 1: He’s into yuri and he’s not afraid to admit it.
Number 2: Confronts bully who’s bullying his beloved friend. With super badass confession. All the time while being judged for liking a ‘weird’ girl. TRULY A ROLE MODEL FRIEND.
Girl? What girl? I don’t see any Snake girl here.

Next: Vividred Ops!
Well… I guess we know where the name came from. Also: Chihaya look alike is evil! NUUUUUUU! Well, the art and action sequences were pretty damn cool. This one is literally Mahou Mecha Shoujo. IT’S A WHOLE NEW GENRE ON IT’S OWN!
And of course, every mahou shoujo is incomplete without yuri undertones.
And friendship troubles. But over a tomato?! TOMATOES ARE EVIL!

Lastly: Mondaiji
This anime is quite the treat. So many new abilities that I’ve never seen before! I’m one to always like unique abilities very much like Kasukabe’s. But as usual, MC’s one is just so vague (lol unknown wat). Also: The haughty girl’s one is quite interesting too. It’s not exactly mind control, it’s not just normal telekinesis either. It’s like that Oudo from Medaka Box, Weighted Words was it? Okay so maybe it IS just normal mind control.
What I’m hoping is that MC’s abilities gets explained in the end. He shares name with the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, I’m hoping for some kind of reference. Also: Next episode looks very intense and exciting. I hope they don’t end on a cliffhanger! =<


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