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Today I learned that deadlines do not leave you alone after you pass one. They just get more numerous. In other news: I discovered delicious manga today which I will not be sharing. Visit AMD|PD to find out more =D

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Haganai NEXT 3
  • GJ-bu 3
  • SeiZon Lv.2 2
  • Polar Bear Cafe 41
  • Puchimas 19

I can’t make the pun this week because I’m watching Haganai first =<
This week, we have a really interesting game of King Game (Ousama Game). I like the idea of having randomly drawn lots in a box before issuing orders. It’s quite interesting because it tones down the orders that you’d want to give because you yourself might get it.
I haven’t played that kind of game before, but it’s pretty cool. We have this variation in Singapore, it’s called Truth or Dare. Basically there isn’t a single person giving the orders, but only one person acting out the forfeit. Don’t go over board with it yo!

Next: GJ-buBeing bullied is suffering.
Love your friends k, don’t tease them till they sadface.

Next: Polar Bear Cafe!
Llama why you so M.

Lastly: Puchimas!


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