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Stay-home Saturday Stress

One of the only few Saturdays that I don’t have to go out in the afternoon and I have to spend it worrying about a project. It’s so annoying. Time to cool off with some anime I guess.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Kotoura-san 3
  • SeiZon Lv.2 2
  • Vividred Ops 3
  • Maoyuu 3
  • Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 3
  • Little Reimu (Touhou fanmade)

Starting with Kotoura
Dammit this anime. Stop making me sad for no reason.
Starts off light-hearted and funny, ends with a bully.
She should be glad that Manabe is such a forgiving idiot and Kotoura doesn’t hold grudges. If she’s any smarter, she’d know to just leave them alone. I can’t stand people like this.

Next: SeiZon
ERISU IS BACK! Yay best loli in SeiZon!
Erisu so cute. If only her older sister wasn’t so ojou-sama like and laughing like a hyena.

Next: Vividred Ops.
This show is disappointing me. I understand that you want to introduce all the colors asap, but rushing it like this is no way to go about it. It’s literally like those 1 episode introductions where a girl is late, has toast in her mouth, bumps into a guy around the corner, finds out later that he’s transfer student in her class, sits beside her (in that seat which happens to be right beside the window and among the last rows) and she likes him. FOR NO FUCKING REASON.
Now imagine all of that lumped into one episode, except with a girl and a little bit more tsun to it.
> Mysterious battle with mysteriously strong girl
> Transfers to her class
> Asks her out for a date duel
> Enemy appears, girl flies off to fight
> Having a hard time, asks if can fight along her
> Gattai (shares all memories)
> Destroy enemy in ONE-HIT
> Mysterious bow-girl just appears, shoots, and leaves.
> Vividblue doing nothing all this while.
Look, I’m not being an asshole here, but isn’t this a little too rushed? At least split it into 2 episodes dammit. And Green Ranger’s VA sounds kinda forced.

Next: Maoyuu
Oohh, we have Inaba’s VA in Maoyuu yay! More of her smexy growly voice.
Meanwhile, Head Maid doing this and that with the Demon Lord.“Look at all this useless flab, how are you going to attract Hero’s attention?!” Herp. She clearly does not know what interests the Hero has. Looking forward to more Inaba VA.

Next: Sasami@Ganbaranai
Well……… I still don’t understand, but this supernatural thing is pretty much like Haruhi. Except that Sasami knows about it and doesn’t know how to use it consciously.
The brother is just weird and stuff. Also, lol incest to preserve legendary bloodline with godlike powers wat. It’s just so wrong.

Lastly: Touhou fanmade anime!
HOLY SHIIIITTTT 1 HOUR 48 MINUTES, okay it will have to wait until I have time or don’t have anything to watch.


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