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Temporary sense of relief

In about 2 more weeks I will have my FINAL FINALLLLL exams. Like literally the final part of my student life. I’d probably get more exams when I’m in NS (National Service), but meh, those can wait. As such, I might be cutting back on my anime time about 1 week before the exam and not watch as much.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Little Busters! 16
  • Uchuu Kyoudai 42
  • Puchimas 21

Starting with the long delayed little busters!
Ohay, it’s Saigusa route. I’m inclined to hate the Student Council President very hard, but as Riki said, I’m sure she has her reasons.
Well, I pretty much guessed that they were related, but twins?! Well that makes things a lot more different now. I can understand why she’d be so strict on her, considering how I’m pretty impatient with my family as well. They’re family, so my standards are really high for them and it’s just so often that when they don’t meet the standard, I lose my patience and start raising my voice. I’m trying to control myself now by lowering the standard, but it’s really hard because you’d expect them to be better. Ironically I don’t have that standard for myself seeing how I’m not doing very well in school.

Next: Spacebros!
Well, Hibito and Damian made it out in the end, but it looks like Buddy and Freddy might not make it to Hibito in time before his oxygen runs out. What’s gonna happen!?
But I don’t applaud Hibito’s bad choice of decision though, he should at least use his last 10 minutes to walk towards Buddy and Freddy, then he might just make it into the buggy before he runs out of oxygen.

Lastly: Puchimas!


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