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Winding down, WITH JAZZ!

So anyway, I found an album on nyaa this morning that had jazz remixes of various OPs in it. Naturally, I downloaded it because I love jazz and I saw that I knew most of the OPs in the album. It was incredibly smooth and dapper. I feel so chill now.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Magi 16
  • Puchimas 22

Only watching one 20-minute episode today because I have tons of time tomorrow and Friday to catch up.
Dammit Alibaba, get your shit together. Are you really going to let an entire country down on account a friend that never even considered you as one? FUCK DAT SHIT MAN, JUST KILL DIS FAGGOT ALREADY
But luckily, new-and-improved Aladdin is badass. He’s so badass that he knows when he’s defeated, but I’m sure he’s only going to get better and better. Don’t let me down Magi.

Random introduction of Chicchan…… APPROVED!
I like it how the only thing she says is “meh”.


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