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Frenzy Friday

No, today is not Friday, but I had a pretty busy one, thus being unable to post at all =<

I had school in the morning. Then I accidentally 5 hours of minecraft. It was an accident, I swear. Then after that I went to eat some Dim Sum with my friends and came home at 11pm. Parents were fixing the new computer table from Ikea and I had to help. Slept at 2am, woke up 9.30am on Saturday.


Section 1: Episodes that were supposed to be watched yesterday

  • Kotoura-san 4
  • Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 3
  • GJ-bu 4
  • Polar Bear Cafe 42
  • Haganai NEXT 4
  • Puchimas 24

Lots of stuff today, but some supposed to be yesterday. Starting with Kotoura because depressing, but awesome ED.
Omaigawd Kotoura is best anime this season I swear. Not only can it balance the story with the comedy, the comedy is superb and totally linked with the story.
Except maybe this one. I guess he’s just trying to cheer her up and all, but it’s still quite hilarious. Also: WTF DAT MANSION SIZE?!
Dere Kotoura rare moment!
Well.. I thought it was gonna be worse than this, but I guess he’s too soft-hearted to actually hate her. Maybe he’ll avoid her, but hating her is probably impossible for Manabe. Just look at that expression and the body language while he’s angry! O yea, this episode also had an intense pervert-discussion between Manabe and Kotoura’s grandfather. It was quite awesome I must say.

Next: SeiZon!
Hurrhurr. It’s amusing, but I didn’t laugh as hard as I did while watching Kotoura-san.
Meh I’m just watching it because I watched the first season anyway.

Next: GJ-bu
Compared to SeiZon above, GJ-bu is doing one hell of a better job imo. They’re both rather random-related though… I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the drawing?
She reminds me of Maria from HnG very much. Except for the Harley. The Harley was just lulz.

Next: Polar Bear Cafe!
The gap moe is stronk with Grizzly.

Nuuu Yukimura, y u so alone =<
Ooooooooooooo!!! THIS EPISODE! I swear this is like the most risque harem-anime I’ve ever scene. SRSLY.
It’s really surprising how Yukimura got into the guy’s bath even though she’s not a guy. Maria is acceptable because she’s a kid though. BUT DAT RIKA AND YUKIMURA SCENE RIGHT AFTER THAT. DAT!!!! SCENE!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU SEE HOW RIKA JUST FING-
Due to the explicit nature of the follow explanation, we are unable to publish this on, we hope that WordPress will continue to be a family-friendly blog reading site and hope that this edit has not caused any inconveniences.

Lastly: Puchimas
Takane is like a closet pervert or something, but then again, who could resist the charms of so many puchidols?


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