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So lately, I’ve been making more progress in Minecraft with a friend than on my own. That’s obvious, but it’s also partly because I can’t actually render a very far distance when playing by myself, so I have no idea where I’m going and my light towers don’t do shit even if they’re very high above other mountain/trees but I can’t even render that far of a distance.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 17
  • Puchimas 27

Starting with Sakurasou!
Well, it’s pretty obvious that Sorata likes Mashiro, and cares a lot for Nanami. But who is he going to choose should he know that Nanami loves him also?
I’m sure he can already tell that Mashiro has feelings for him. But he doesn’t know that Nanami loves him more than a friend. What will happen once that changes? Also: Rooting for Misaki and Rita. Rita’s love is cuter because Ryuunosuke is a tsundere trap, but Misaki’s love is just a dense piece of i-don’t-even. I guess everyone has their reasons, I just hope it’s explained. Being a romance by J.C Staff, I really hope they don’t let me down. J.C Staff tends to be good with non-action genres.

Next: Puchimas!
Kotori is such a sucker for cute things. Even more so than Takane. At least Takane tries to hide it, Kotori doesn’t even.


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