Anime, daily life and randomness

Buffet Thursday

Yea, I’m going to gorge myself on meat again. At the SSIKKEK Korean BBQ restaurant again. MEAT MEAT MEAT YAY! It’s a farewell dinner for a friend who’s going over to Australia for further studies, he’s leaving this Saturday. I might miss him. (Not very close =<)

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Tamako Market 5
  • Puchimas 28

Just gonna watch Tamako market for today and finish up the rest tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get internet when I go overseas and can continue watching/posting anime posts.I love Kanna. She’s cute and so mellow.
Meanwhile, yuri undertones CONFIRMED! Well actually I still don’t know. They might pull another twist like how they did with Anko.

Makoto’s puchidol appears! I can’t recall her name, I think it was Mako-chan or Mako-chin. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.


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