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Posting from another country

So there’s internet here, and I can torrent. But the torrent speed is so painfully slow that I won’t be able to watch today’s anime, so I’ll be watching the anime that I already have downloaded.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Mondaiji 5
  • Shin Sekai yori 19

Starting with Mondaiji
WHEWWWWW This episode did not disappoint. Not one bit. Badass MC is badass. SO OP YO! But of course, unknown gift also might give way for Deus Ex Machinas, so I don’t want that to happen. Deus Ex Machinas are fun stuff, but sometimes it’s just too overboard.
Izayoi has already passed the MC of Hagure Yuusha, except in a better paced show. Story is decent, actions is awesome (much better than Hagure Yuusha) and his almost-sadistic mercilessness is just icing on top. Looking forward to this being the best action of this season after Hunter X Hunter.

Next: Shin Sekai yori
Holy shit. This is bad. Really bad. A lot of things don’t make sense, but yet the main cause of the problem seems to have been identified. The suspense is almost killing me if only the horror didn’t.
I haven’t watched enough horror to compare it to one, but this shit is scary as fuck right now. I’m shivering in my pants while watching this. At least because of the nature of the killing there’s little blood and gore, for that I’m slightly thankful.


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