Anime, daily life and randomness


I bowled too much yesterday and now by thumb is sore, my legs are tired and I feel so unfit. Dammit. But o well, because of that I overslept, and now I can watch anime!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Magi 18
  • Vividred Ops 5
  • Uchuu Kyoudai 44
  • Puchimas 31

Starting with Magi!
Hmmm.. It looks like there are metal vessels, and then there are household vessels. What are household vessels? I don’t think it’s something that metal vessels can make, considering how there’s so many versions of it.
I sure hope that Morgiana gets her own household vessel too, even though she’s quite strong already, she still lacks the ‘magic’ side of her strength. Romance? I hope so, Sinbad and that Kou princess seems like a nice match. Also: Random snake bite? I think not. It’s probably gonna get referred to back somewhere in the future, but for now I’ll just ignore it, even if it’s impending trouble.

Well I planned to watch a lot more, but it appears that there’s a slight shift in schedule thanks to Senjou who’s posting youtube links about Top 50 ED/OP for <year>. I think I might make a list of each for all time, don’t flame me about though =< (I don’t really like ranking things, because I believe in liking everything that is likable equally, but let’s face it, some are more equal than others.)

I’ll finish off with Puchimas
So apparently, puchidols are animal-ranked to them.


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