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Early anime morning

Gonna finish what I’m watching today first so I can dedicate the rest of the time to making notes/studying them. I only got halfway through in the previous 1.5 hour notes-writing session. Gonna get through to the end then take a short break and continue studying.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Uchuu Kyoudai 44
  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 18
  • Puchimas! 23

Starting off with Spacebrozzzz!
Well, with the dangerous rescue mission over and done with, we’re moving onto the next exciting thing: Training of the new astronauts!
But seriously though, this bromance between dem bros. Buddy and Damian was a little weird though lolololol.

Next: Sakurasou!
This episode is mostly focused on Misaki and Jin. It’s good. I liked it very much, especially the part where they explained their pasts.
Actually I don’t really dislike Mashiro at all, if anything I actually like how her voice sounds, how she’s so cluelessly cute. But when Nanami is the other girl in the triangle, it really shadows Mashiro’s personality imo. Mashiro is more of those quiet and calm while Nanami actually is a ball of emotions. I’m still waiting for them to show Mashiro’s charm instead of giving her tsukkomi fodder all the time. Nanami already has quite a lot of development lines, but Mashiro has only a few. How will they end it? Btw: Jin was mega cool this episode, like he was in any other episode.

O yay it’s the Azusa puchidol!


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