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Biggest exam for now over, next one is in 3 days and I’ll probably only start studying 1 day from it since it starts in the afternoon and isn’t really that important.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • GJ-bu 6
  • Maoyuu 6
  • Kotoura-san 6
  • Puchimas 34

Starting with GJ-bu and hopefully finish up the rest tomorrow.
This episode, we have an imouto-special.
It’s nice to hear Akiko’s voice again, although she didn’t have her gununu or guhehehe sound this time round. She’s still playing a brocon imouto though, not as hard core as Akiko.

Next: Maoyuu
This show is probably a lot more than just economics and politics. It’s about discrimination, oppression, the vicious cycle of hatred and how we might be able to end it. Also: It’s about perverted old men and romance.
Sawashiro Miyuki’s voice is simply too wonderful. TOO WONDERFUL! (She also voices Inaba if you didn’t know) And it’s starting to feel to me that she should be voicing girls in love more often, although her voice makes for a wonderful slacker-loafer voice as it does for a powerful commanding voice. Whoa, she’s multi-talented just for having that awesome voice alone! I also love the way it has a ‘scratchy’ feel to it, like a ‘growl’ when she talks, it’s pretty damn awesome.

Next: Kotoura-san
Looks like the happy-go-lucky atmosphere is going away soon with that last bit in this episode. But o well, gotta enjoy while it lasts. Kotoura’s grandad same VA as the professor from Moyashimon!
Manabe is quite the simpleton. Which is not necessarily a bad thing because it means he’s pure in intention and does things straight to the point. That’s actually pretty cool and respectable because it’s so difficult to find honest people in the world nowadays.

Lastly: Puchimas!


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