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1/2 way there

Only 2 more exams to go before I am free from exams. AND THEN FYP DECIDES TO SHOW UP AND BE DUE IN 4 DAYS AFTER MY LAST EXAM. Okay.jpg

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Maoyuu 7
  • OreShura 7
  • Puchimas 35

Starting with Maoyuu
Hmmm… Looks like the union city is making some good progress, but meanwhile, the coward general and his conspirators look like they’re doing something. Plot aside, we must now look at the PLOT.
I don’t know who to support more, I like the Nun-Knight, but Demon Lord is also quite cute. Even the Nun-Knight said, they have to decide on who’s the wife and who’s the mistress, not that there’s much of a difference anyway. Meanwhile in maid quarters, the kid maid has discovered ORANGE FIZZY JUICE!

Next: OreShura
Well… Not sure if generic, but tsundere enters the harem. For once, not one of the first few to enter, I guess that’s okay. But she’s so dishonest to herself and upholds her pride so high that I can’t help but feel sorry for her once she gets exposed.
I still have no idea what a samefag is, but samefagging just makes me lol.
Well, at least Masuzu is going to stop pretending when she’s alone, but why is she so possessive about Eita? It’s something that I hope they explain at the end. Also: The infirmary room scene where Hime was rolling around in that bed sheet. What the hell was she doing? I mean her voice was cute and all that, but what the hell?

Lastly: Puchimas!
O right, her name was Miurasan. Anything named by Haruka is so bland. Also, I think I’m gonna change my mind about the cutest from Chihya to Miurasan, purely because of her “ara~”.


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