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Last sprint

You know how when running your 2.4km (1.5mile) test you always have to maintain your pacing and give a last sprint at the end? Well I failed my 2.4km run at the start because I gave too much effort and had literally no energy left towards the end. I also have no endurance to speak of, so I literally walked the large part of the middle and attempted to run for the end but didn’t work out. Ominous stuff, I don’t wanna talk about it =<

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Magi 19
  • Puchimas 38

Will watch only 1 today, attempting to study for longer later because tomorrow’s subject is quite heavy and I don’t have the luxury of more time after today’s exam.
O damn Morgiana is just so hhhhnnngggg ❤
I watched to the end in hopes of a preview, but this episode had none. I hope they’re not doing it away from now on =<

Takane is secretly everywhere. EVERYWHERE. She’s watching you.


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